Wooden Geode Puzzle

Geode puzzles’ are digitally painted directly on wood. This new method ensures that their prints give a traditional look and feel to your finished product without the implication of manufacturing costs or the work of an artist .

The geode is a great piece of art that you can find everywhere. Everyone loves it and this is because its beauty and uniqueness keeps people from naming it. This concept helps in generating a superior response to the product.

Cut style — Maze

The puzzle pieces grow in an irregular T-shape. The pieces are grown by an elementary vertex search, and most of the positions are favorable for optimal growth. We anticipate a long-term surplus of happy puzzles on this cutting.

Artwork — Algorithmic Agate

Computer generated images can be found in the wild, as environmental scientists are increasingly interested in unearthing images from highly complex formations. Each band of growth exhibits slight changes in growth rate, color and character resulting in a unique pattern. These larger puzzles feature zones of orbicular pattern, bubble-like disruptions in the bands. We create these by introducing new seeds of each band.

number of pieces: approximately 180

material: birch plywood

Wooden Geode Puzzle Sale Price 66.99$



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