Springtime Paint by Number Kit

Paint by numbers is an easy and affordable way to turn your old frames into paintings. Pick up a kit and complete your DIY project, with the assurance that you’ll be able to finish before you run out of supplies! Every year for Halloween, my daughter would ask me, “Mommy, can I have a pumpkin painted by you?” Every year I would say, “Yes.” But this year? No, the little girl could not have the satisfaction of painting a pumpkin with her own hands. Get the feel of painting from an old-fashioned garden with Rachel Austen’s color-coded paint kits. Each one comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a “color wheel” that shows you how to make your own designs. Give it a try! As you concentrate on every brushstroke, life’s stresses stop whirling in your mind. Her straightforward styles use simply eight colours, which means you’ll build a frame-worthy work of art in 3–5 hours — even if you haven’t control a applier since second grade. Everything you would like is included: full-color pre-printed background on artist-quality canvas; artificial sable-hair brushes; and non-toxic, water-based paint. therefore move aside, coloring books: paint-by-number’s due for its moment within the (yellow, #5) sun. Includes: — 8x10" Canvas — 2 Paint Brushes — 8 BPA-Free Paint Pots Springtime Paint by Number Kit Sale Price 33.99$



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