Ring of Love Mother Necklace

The Ring of Love Mother Necklace is a special necklace designed to make mothers feel loved, when they wear it. Mom is everything you value in life. Keep her close. Show her how much you love and appreciate her with this elegant, affordable and beautiful pendant necklace.

Mary Steratore handed this love-heart pendant to her adoring boyfriend as a token of their deep affection for each other. Do you feel the same way about her? An iridescent labradorite stone dangles within that external corner, and the necklace is packaged with a card that cements the bond between mother and daughter. Show your appreciation to this piece with a special card like this one .

Card reads: “A mother’s love is infinite, with every birth and union the circle of love grows stronger. Labradorite protects against negative experience.”

Compliment this piece with Mary’s Ring of Love necklace designed for daughters.

Charm: 1.25" diameter, Labradorite stone: 0.25" diameter, Chain: extendable 16–18”

sterling silver

Ring of Love Mother Necklace Sale Price 48.99$



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