Mathematical Glasses — Set of 4

Here’s a neat set of glasses that can calculate ice to iced tea ratios from any table or spreadsheet. Get the best of both worlds with this interactive product and get started in just a few minutes. Want to study equations and solve problems without having to memorize tons of abbreviations and symbols? This is the product for you. Calculators have always been a key to advanced math.

Tablets are just tables that happen to be glasses. They are great for math homework and studying complex algorithms, which is where we want you to be. The Mathematical Glasses will bring the same benefits to you — without the science geeky look. As a result, we think it’s an excellent gift for math students of all ages.

Glassware made in New Jersey. Decorated in Blanchester, Ohio.

Cheat Sheet: v2 (Pythagoras’s constant, the square root of two) — 1.414 oz. f (Phi, the golden ratio) — 1.618 oz. p (Pi) — 3.14 oz. e (Euler’s Number) — 2.718 oz.

Mathematical Glasses — Set of 4 Sale Price 38.99$



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