Love is Art Canvas and Paint Kit

  • EASY CLEANUP — Kit includes 10’ x 12’ plastic tarp to protect surfaces. Also includes two pairs of disposable slippers, and a soft mesh body scrubber. Paint is washable and non-toxic.
  • HOME DECOR — The Love is Art kit is a gift that keeps on giving. Why purchase expensive paintings with which to adorn your home when you can paint them yourself, and enjoy doing it? These special creations add character and culture in any interior layout.
  • PERFECT GIFT — The Love is Art kit makes the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, or the average weekday. The adventurous couple in your life will love creating, and create love.
  • SPICE UP DATE NIGHT — The Love is Art kit also makes a great gift to yourself! If you and your significant other are trying to spice up the date night, or anniversary, the Love is Art kit is for you.

Once completed, the canvas can be taken to your local art store to be stretched and framed, or stretched at home with the optional stretcher kit. Canvas is not pre-stretched, however, the material will absorb the paint, so that when the canvas is stretched in order to be framed, your artwork will not be distorted. There is a non-absorbent backing on the canvas, which will prevent paint from going all the way through. Paint takes around 4 hours to dry, depending on thickness. Paint is non-toxic and washable. Easily scrubs off of skin and out of hair with soap and water.



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