Indoor Terracotta Grow Kits

Let your imagination take flight and grow with the plants that will fascinate and delight. Explore plants first by growing a seed in a jar. It’s fun, easy, and a great way to learn about the different types of plants you can grow. Then, fill your garden with a beautiful display of fresh plants each month with our Growing Kits .

The leading edge of plant life cultivation. This Terracotta Grow Kits features a glazed interior and is outfitted with a passive farming system referred to as “wicking,” that brings water and nutrients up to the plant’s roots. thus whether or not you forget to water, overwater, or both, this planter’s got you coated. Comes equipped with everything you’ll got to begin growing, simply add water and set in an exceedingly sunny window. Perfect for budding plant folks — a requirement have for town dwellers wanting to grow their indoor desert oasis .


  • Non-GMO Seeds
  • Stainless Steel Net Pot
  • Coco Pith Disk
  • Activated Carbon
  • Polypro Wick
  • Plant Food
  • Instruction Manual

Indoor Terracotta Grow Kits Sale Price 22.99$



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