Henrietta Glass: Mom’s Little Vase

This vase by Jill Henrietta Davis is designed for little flowers picked by kids for mom. Some of the most beautiful flowers we may ever receive will not arrive in glossy white florist boxes. Instead they are brought to us by small hands grubby from play…The stems may be short, the blossoms drooping, and the flowers what some might call weeds- but a dandelion given with love rivals the most perfect long-stemmed rose.

The Mom’s Little Vase is a beautiful bud vase that makes it easy to keep your backyard filled with wildflowers, dandelions, and other small colorful things. The perfect gift for mother-in-law or sister-in-law .

Your mother loves dandelions. Your mother knows you love them as well and so she has made a special collection of dandelion greens to hang in your living room and will love you for it. You can be sure that the little bouquet on her table will make her day, and yours. It’s an ideal gift for mothers, grandmothers, or anyone else lucky enough to receive such special flowers.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

Henrietta Glass: Mom’s Little Vase Sale Price 20.99$


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