Ceramic Zig Zag Soap Dish

The Zig Zag Soap Dish is made from speckled stoneware, a type of porcelain that looks vintage and is durable for everyday use. The dish has a modern geometric shape that’s eye-catching yet versatile, perfect for any bath or kitchen. The dish keeps your soap high and dry and your counters looking stylish.

As you struggle to find the right place for your soap dish, try our Zig Zag Soap Dish. It’s a modern geometric design that keeps your bar of soap safe, and looks chic in the process. This dish has a low-profile so it won’t interfere with your kitchen worktop. Made from high quality stainless steel beautifully finished with a contrasting white powder coat, it’s the perfect addition to any sink!

The Zig Zag Soap Dish is the perfect way to keep your handcrafted soaps from drying out on the counter. Its speckled stoneware exterior is durable and glazed, while its innovative square shape fits in any kitchen. With it’s natural look and clay composition, this soap saver will not only look great but will help keep your soaps looking new and fresh for years to come.

Ceramic Zig Zag Soap Dish Sale Price 19.19$



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