Bee Drinking Garden Glass Ball — Kitras Art Glass

Take your water-filtration and water-purification needs to the next level with this eco-friendly device. The Drinking Garden Glass Ball filters water, turning it into drinking water, while purifying it, making it safe for bees to drink. The device has two separate filters for a cleaner and healthier water source. The filter is coated with a particular type of algae that kills the bacteria in it, making it safe to drink.

Rainwater and dew ‘catch’ on the pebbled surface of each one-of-a-kind orb, where thirsty bees can alight and drink without drowning. Place the orbs in your beds or pots, allow the water to collect naturally, and spray them each time you water. Delight in helping bees as much as you enjoy this whimsical garden art. Available in orange or blue.

  • Each glass bee ball measures approximately 6” to 7” in diameter
  • Water collects naturally on the orb’s ridges and bumps
  • Each handblown glass balls is unique

Bee Drinking Garden Glass Ball — Kitras Art Glass Sale Price 43.99$



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