Avocado Multi-Tool

It’s easy to make your own avocado salad at home with this handy tool. What’s the point of having avocado if you can’t eat it?

Is your avocado always left out of your salad? No worries, marry it with Avocados & we’ll make it a happy home for all the seasons. The Avocado Multi-Tool is the first tool ever made to actually offer a way to efficiently and easily organize all your family’s favorite foods in one place.

Choose the right avocado, it’s important to make the best choice while preparing one of the most popular summer dishes. The Avocado Multi-Tool gives you all you need to safely prepare avocados without needing to sharpen your knife every time.

A safe different to a room knife, it’s all you wish to organize tasty avocados. The 3-in-1 tool options a three-pronged, pit-removing choose, a rather line for scooping, and a serrate edge to interrupt the skin. think about it a flavor savor (and a fun gift plan for the avocado lover )

Dishwasher safe, although hand washing will help prevent soap residue buildup and preserve shine.

Avocado Multi-Tool Sale Price 14.89$



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